The gloom in Spain continues. Spanish trade association ANFAC has said that car sales fell by 41.6% year-on-year in January, continuing the low sales trend of late last year.

The rate of decline in sales slowed from December’s 49.9% decline, but the numbers are bigger in January.

A total of 59,835 cars were sold in January as Spain continued to feel the impact of sharp economic reversal following its property bubble bursting of last year.

ANFAC said government measures announced up to now, including loans for people who want to buy new cars to replace older, more heavily polluting models, were insufficient.

“The industry urgently needs measures to boost demand,” ANFAC said in a news release.

“In countries such as the United Kingdom and Sweden, which have lower production than Spain, they have taken measures to support the industry in the form of guarantees for 2.5 billion euros and 3 billion euros respectively,” ANFAC said.

Local media reports suggest that the Spanish government is considering a range of measures to help the auto industry in Spain.

But the government is under pressure on its budget after announcing a stimulus package.

“The lack of access to credit and rising unemployment have kept consumer confidence at minimum levels,” ANFAC said in its statement.