Dana Corporation will supply Ford with a new variation of a cam cover module for its four-litre V6 engine.

The new cam cover module will be used on engines for new 2005 model year vehicles (the redesigned Land Rover Discovery is slated to appear with a new four-litre V6 engine option in some markets) and represents new, incremental volume over the cam covers Dana currently provides for Ford V6 engines.

Design enhancements of the new module and its components help meet NVH demands and deliver lower emissions for upcoming vehicles. The module incorporates the gasket, grommets, fasteners, inserts, crankcase ventilation tube, and oil-fill-spout assembly. Grommets isolate the cover for improved NVH levels, and improvements have been made to enhance air-oil separation for decreased emissions.

The Victor Reinz-branded cam cover module, produced at Dana’s facility in Neu-Ulm, Germany, will be supplied to Ford’s plant in Cologne, Germany.

Dana produces the new covers with thermoset materials, which provide excellent heat resistance, while also delivering the necessary rigidity and strength to accommodate the long bolt span for this application. Unlike magnesium or aluminium castings, thermoset modules do not require complex casting, machining, and assembly operations and the thermoset material also allows for greater flexibility in design, which results in lower costs and decreased weight.

“Dana is the only company in Europe producing thermoset cam covers,” said Mike Laisure, president of Dana’s Automotive Systems Group. “We recognised the superior qualities of thermoset materials compared to other commonly used materials.”