Hyundai Motor America’s senior designer Phillip Zak has returned to GM, joining the recent migration of Hyundai’s top-level executives to the US firm.

Zak, who had worked as GM’s chief designer for Europe before moving to Hyundai Motor America in April 2009, returned to the GM fold earlier this month, the Korea Herald noted.

While Zak has returned to where he began, he is the third Hyundai Motor America executive to make the move to GM.

Last year saw HMA’s Joel Ewanick appointed as GM’s chief marketing officer for its global operations. He was followed shortly by Chris Perry, who currently serves as the marketing officer for Chevrolet.

Both Ewanick and Perry worked as Hyundai Motor America’s marketing chiefs and are credited for marketing schemes that fueled much of the company’s recent advances in the US.

Last year, Hyundai’s sales in the U.S. jumped 23.7% compared to 2009.