SsangYong Motor is ramping up quality checks aimed at ensuring no faults are found in its newly produced vehicles.

The company, which is currently under court protection from creditors, is returning to full production at its Pyongtaek factory after a two-month shutdown caused by the occupation of the plant by workers protesting over planned job cuts.

As part of the quality campaign, the company will strengthen checks before vehicles leave the factory, introduce a check stage before they are delivered to customers and establish a one-on-one service channel after the customer receives the vehicle.

The company said it would also provide free checks at 5,000km (3,000 miles) and extend the guarantee period for engine and powertrain components for a limited period of time.

For the luxury sedan Chairman vehicles, the guarantee will be extended from five years and 100,000km (60,000 miles) to five years and 120,000km (80,000 miles). For sport utility vehicles, the period will be increased to five years and 100,000km from three years and 60,000km (35,000 miles) for those who purchase and take delivery of vehicles until 17 October.