Renault Samsung Motors has announced that its cumulative exports of vehicles reached over 400,000 units with its latest shipment departing for Kuwait on March 25.

Exports by Renault Samsung began in 2000 when the company shipped 192 vehicles. The number grew to 115,783 units last year, according to the company.

According to the company, with a Kuwait-bound ship carrying 1,023 cars leaving Busan port, its cumulative exports since September 2000 rose to 400,250 units.

It was from 2006, however, that the company’s exports began to increase rapidly, rising to more than 115,000 units in 2010, some 42.6% of last year’s overall sales.

The company attributed the rapid increase to the use of Renault and Nissan’s sales networks, and their customer-service networks in overseas markets.

The company’s two main export models, the SM3 compact car, and crossover utility vehicle, QM5, are sold under the Nissan and Renault brands outside Korea.