Mobis is promoting what it describes as a “door-to-door multimedia overhaul service” to assist Hyundai-Kia owners in Korea with multimedia upgrades and settings.

Mobis says that the number of people who use multimedia devices such as in-car navigation and bluetooth is increasing, but they often start using their car without changing the factory settings. They frequently do not, Mobis maintains, know how to upgrade their maps, bluetooth and other multimedia devices.

To solve this problem, Mobis is offering a door-to-door “multimedia overhaul service”.

Mobis has established a service which advises Hyundai-Kia car owners on how to use in-car multimedia devices such as genuine GPS, Bluetooth and CD/DVD/DBM radio player. They also perform a free check-up of these devices to improve the customer experience.

The main service includes:

  • an upgrade of GPS maps and operating systems;
  • Bluetooth setup
  • overhaul of multimedia (radio/CD/DVD/DMB/USB/MP3)
  • checking TPEG/GPS reception
  • repairing defective/malfunctioning devices.

The overhaul team also arranges a service centre appointment if it is not possible to repair parts immediately.

Mobis also provides guidelines which can be used to compare genuine and counterfeit parts in order to expose the distribution of fake parts. On top of this, they are offering a discount coupon for auto consumables, window tint film and washer fluid at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, Mobis has expanded its service area in Korea from Seoul to Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, Daegu, Incheon and other provincial cities. It focused on placing service booths in locations where its customers are concentrated, such as parking lots in large apartment complexes and car dealer complexes. It aims to provide accessible services that are convenient for its customers.

In addition to this, Mobis plans to expand its service areas out from metropolitan cities to small and medium-sized cities, and provide services at public offices and department stores in order to increase their customer satisfaction.