A fuel cell version of KIA Motors Mohave SUV has travelled 633km (400 miles) without refuelling.

The hydrogen-powered vehicle, built at Kia’s research and development center in Namyang, Gyeonggi Province, has the latest version of the company’s automotive hydrogen fuel cell technology, including the under-floor fuel cell stack that can generate 115kw.

The under-floor fuel cell system was first shown in the i-Blue concept at last year’s Frankfurt motor show and the 115kw output is 44% higher than previous systems, the company told the Korea Herald.

The hydrogen Mohave used 84% of the fuel to complete the test course, indicating that a single charge of hydrogen can power the vehicle over 754km.

That range is nearly twice as long as that of the Hyundai affiliate’s hydrogen-powered Sportage that took part in the trans-American tour organised by the US Department of Energy last August.