The Korea Herald, citing Chinese media sources, reports that the Kia Accent topped the chart as the best-selling small vehicle model in China in the first half of this year. The model was launched in December of last year in China and sold 21,776 units in the first half, outpacing competing models like the Polo H/B MT by Volkswagen and the Sail S-Car by Shanghai GM, which moved 18,448 units and 14,721 units, respectively.

When rated by general model range category, however, Kia’s Accent came in third after Sail, whose two models combined sold 26,825 units, and Polo, whose two models moved 22,878 units together.

Following behind the leaders were Siena by Fiat with 12,729 units, four models by Palio with 7,411 units, Siali’s Xiali 2000 and Yaku with 4,966 units combined, Vizi by Toyota with 3,115 units and Gol by Volkswagen with 2,932 units.

From January through June, over 900,000 vehicles were sold in China, 870,000 of them locally made cars and 30,000 of them imports, according to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, which released the figures. Of these, 102,632 units were small vehicles, which is an increase of 125 percent from last year.