The Korea Herald reports that China overtook Korea as the world’s fifth largest automobile manufacturing nation last year.

The Korea Automotive Research Institute (Kari) said that Korean automakers domestically manufactured 3,148,000 cars last year, less than China’s 3,251,000.

KARI said that China was able to jump from No. 8 in 2001 to the No. 5 spot last year, as a number of operations ramped up production in 2002.

KARI added that the United States maintained its No. 1 rank by having produced a total of 12,285,000 cars, followed by Japan with 8,537,000, Germany with 5,470,000 and France with 3,376,000 cars.

“Automobile production in China is headed upward and it will do so for a considerable amount of time in the future,” said Yoo Chan-yong, a research fellow of KARI, in remarks reported by the Herald.