Union workers at Hyundai Motor were reported on Friday to be planning a partial strike as a bonus dispute continues.

Day and night shift workers plan to stop work for four hours each on Monday and for six hours on Wednesday, the union said on its web site, according to Reuters.This will halt production for a total of 20 hours.

“We will send a letter to the management on Monday to request official negotiations and we may change our plans for Wednesday depending on the company’s response,” union spokesman Song Hi-sok told the news agency.

Hyundai does not plan to hold official talks with the union over bonuses for now, company spokesman Jake Jang told Reuters, adding: “The bonus issue is not a subject for official negotiation as both parties reached an agreement on the bonus last year.”

According to the report, the company last July agreed a wage deal with the union including a bonus of 150% of a month’s salary should the union achieve 100% of the production target and a 100% bonus if the union hit 95% of the target.

But the union reportedly said management at that time made an oral promise to pay the 150% bonus regardless of production target.
Hyundai workers have refused overtime since late December, demanding the 150%. They received only a month’s salary as bonus after Hyundai said yearly output targets were not met, Reuters added.

Hyundai reportedly said the refusal of overtime has cost it 12,798 vehicles or 190bn won ($US202m million) in lost output and, last Monday, filed a lawsuit against 26 union officials, seeking 1bn won compensation.