Solid Power has signed an MoU and a joint development agreement with SK Innovation for automotive solid state batteries.

SKI will make cells using SP sulphide-based solid electrolyte, proprietary cell designs and production processes.

The deal will help Solid Power validate development and production as part of the automotive qualification process.

“This marks a key milestone on [our] strategic roadmap to achieve commercial production of all solid state battery cells for electric vehicle integration and use,” the company said.

The collaboration will investigate if production processes are scalable and compatible with existing lithium ion production technology, according to SP CEO Doug Campbell.

“The ability to collaborate with a global leader in lithium-ion cell production is key to our go to market strategy and meeting anticipated demand.”

The JDA will enable Solid Power to deliver trial cells to automotive customers for qualification testing. The silicon cell is expected to be safer, provide longer range, and cost less than lithium ion batteries.

SK Innovation will invest US$30m in Solid Power.

Solid Power will license its proprietary technology, manufacturing knowledge and methods to SK Innovation to enable full integration of material and cell designs into SKI’s existing cell production.