It sounds like there’s a product explosion on the way at Renault. With first pictures of the all-new Laguna recently revealed and a debut at September’s Frankfurt motor show, the company’s design boss is clearly thinking much further ahead.

Speaking at the recent launch of the MkII Twingo city car, Patrick le Quement outlined his vision for the next range of vehicles.

While he wouldn’t go into specifics, he said: “We are going to be in segments that we’re not at the moment. We are going to go for more fun vehicles, more lively vehicles and more sporty vehicles.”

He also confirmed that the Twingo marked a move away from the firm’s recent front-end design philosophy.

But he was adamant that the nose design of each wouldn’t be carbon copies of each other. “If you have too tight a design then everything is very predictable, so one car will not just be a scaled-up version of a smaller one. But I guarantee you will be able to recognise our new cars as Renaults.”

High on the agenda will be an SUV, likely to be badged the Koleos after the two concepts of the same name. A convertible version of the Clio supermini is also likely.