Slovenian News Digest reports that 53,271 new cars were sold in Slovenia in 2002.

No comparative figures were available. French carmaker Renault sold 13,412 cars and had a 25.2% market share in Slovenia in 2002. German carmaker Volkswagen sold 6,992 cars and had a 13.1% market share while French carmaker Peugeot sold 5,970 cars and had an 11.2% market share in Slovenia in 2002.

A total of 6,549, (12.3%) of the cars sold in 2002 were the Renault Clio model, 3,515 were the Peugeot 206, 3,029 the Fiat Punto model, 2,844 the Volkswagen Golf and 2,571 the Volkswagen Polo, the report said.