Renault‘s Slovenian plant has quashed speculation it will stop production of its Clio II model in 2010 at the Revoz base.

The French carmaker was responding to suggestions it could change Clio II production this year, but a spokeswoman for the Slovenian plant told just-auto this was not the case.

“These hypotheses were made for 2013 as Patrick Pelata [Renault chief operating officer] met the French minister for industry,” the spokeswoman said. “He was talking about the year 2013, not this year or next year.

“We will continue to produce Clio II this year for sure – after that we will see. Renault does not plan to stop this model before 2013.”

Last year saw the Revoz plant produce around 30,000 Clio II models representing 14% of its production.

Yesterday, Renault chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said no decision had been taken concerning the production location of the next Clio in 2013.

“I confirmed to the French president we would produce the Clio 4 in Flins, [France] with a double sourcing in Bursa, Turkey,” he said.