Skoda IT has opened an SAP centre in Prague.

‘Closer to talents, partners and customers’ is the motto behind the creative hub, Visionary, which opened in Pragu. From now on, the modern rooms in the city’s vibrant Holešovice district provide a workplace for the car manufacturer’s IT specialists. They are also open to other Skoda staff, partners, students and customers as an inspiring co-working space.

Klaus Blum, head of Skoda IT, said, “The fact that Prague Holešovice was chosen as the second home of Skoda Auto’s IT department was no coincidence. In recent years, the previously working-class neighbourhood developed into a prime location for the cultural and start-up scene. Skoda Auto intends to work intensively with IT experts as well as students from Prague and the surrounding area in the new Visionary co-working space.”

Skoda’s IT department is gradually taking on more and more responsibility and new tasks within SAP applications across Volkswagen Group. An SAP competence centre was set up back in 2012 and has continually been expanded. Skoda’s IT specialists develop digital tools and solutions with a focus on finance and logistics processes for numerous departments and Group brands there. At present, Skoda IT is a supplier to already more than 500 internal and external customers. Skoda Auto is now moving into the midst of this metropolitan ambience, providing its IT staff with a modern co-working space.

Skoda is rigorously advancing the digitalisation and automation of processes – both within vehicle production as well as within all other corporate areas. The need for programmers and digital solutions is therefore continuously increasing. Having positioned itself as a preferred employer for IT talent, the company has developed an excellent reputation in this regard over recent years. Skoda invests in talents, hardware and modern workplaces for the long term. In September last year, Skoda Auto completed the expansion of its data centre at the company’s headquarters in Mladá Boleslav, making it the largest commercial computing and data storage centre in the Czech Republic. Following its expansion, the data centre now has a computing capacity of 15 petaflops. This equates to 15 quadrillion computer operations per second.