SKF has introduced a newly developed inboard seal for hub bearing units, which it maintains leads to a 50% cut in friction when compared with other competing seals.

The technology combines sealing capabilities for a long service life in challenging environments with the power to boost overall vehicle efficiency and a substantial drop in CO2 emissions. 

The cassette seal accommodates current ABS encoders and features an external lip and an optimised labyrinth design, which collects and redirects contamination flow away from a main radial lip. This lip, along with low friction grease, ensures even interference and contact pressure distribution, as well as protection in static conditions.

With just one lip in contact, the configuration ensures minimum friction and maximum protection that does not degrade. 

“With this robust design we have been able to realise the lowest level of friction ever achieved in an SKF hub bearing unit seal, typically a 0.1Nm contribution to bearing friction under load,” said SKF business development manager, Ronnie Spolidoro.

“This reduction in friction along with the sealing performance in contaminated environments that comes with this product is going to play a significant role in helping manufacturers to create ultra-reliable vehicles that emit far less CO2 than models using conventional seals.”