led Singapore’s private car market in the first quarter of 2001 with a 24 percent
share according to data from the Motor Traders Association reported by Bloomberg

Tan Chong International, the country’s biggest car distributor, sold 4,109
Nissan cars in the quarter, a 67 percent increase on the year-ago figure.

UK-controlled Inchcape Motor, the Toyota importer, claimed an 82 percent rise
in sales to 3,582 private cars for a 21 percent market share, Bloomberg added.

Singapore is a tough market for car importers. For many years, the government
has restricted the number of vehicles sold to reduce chronic air pollution and
traffic congestion by charging every private motorist tens of thousands of dollars
for a ‘car ownership permit’.

However, Bloomberg reported, the government is currently selling a record number
of permits for the fiscal year ending this month to help owners replace ageing
cars and is also applying steep taxes on vehicles aged 10 years or older.

Including other vehicle types such as taxis, Toyota led the Q1 2001 Singapore
market with 5,753 sales (24.4 percent market share) followed by Nissan (5,551,
23.5 percent), Hyundai (2,104, 8.9 percent), Mitsubishi (2,064, 8.7 percent)
and Honda (1,601, 6.8 percent).

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