As the auto industry gears up to transition from ICE vehicles to electric, GlobalData’s patents database shows that published patents in batteries and others electrification tech are ahead of other sectors.

Data for the second quarter (ended 30 June) shows over 25,400 patents in batteries and 18,800 in other electrification technologies.    

In electrification technologies, Toyota, Hyundai and Kia led the field of assignees. Toyota is widely seen as playing catch-up in EVs and related tech areas, having led in conventional hybrids.

In batteries, the leading company assignees of patents – again over the Q2 period – were LG Corp and CATL. Both companies are pressing ahead with expansion plans for automotive powertrain battery manufacturing as well as exploring next generation technological refinements.

Chinese battery maker CATL recently said it has developed new materials for lithium ion batteries which it claims sharply improve charging efficiency for electric vehicles, especially in extreme cold.

Technology patents trends and Toyota’s EV push

CATL claims cold weather battery breakthrough

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