Siemens UK has launched an automated car rental programme for its staff through Enterprise. The scheme gives over 15,000 employees access to more than 1,400 on-street vehicles in 200 locations across the UK, as well as dedicated car club vehicles already on-site at Siemens offices across the country.

The on-site programme is expected to reduce the number of pool cars Siemens UK operates in its fleet.

Employees use a Siemens credit card to book trips via the Enterprise Car Club app, which tracks every journey through the company’s travel management system.

Siemens UK head of mobility services Wayne Warburton said: “The opportunity to extend car club access across the whole organisation, alongside the dedicated vehicle programme, makes sense because of Enterprise’s very regionalised network.

“They’re the only rental car company that could successfully deliver this scale of initiative and help us manage the current pressures on new vehicle acquisition. “Because so many of Enterprise’s on-street vehicles are low- and zero-emission, the programme reaches our sustainability goals without affecting the business-critical journeys employees have to make to locations like wind farms.”