At least two Chinese vehicle manufacturers are showing domestically-developed hybrid technologies at the Shanghai motor show, which runs 22-28 April.

China may prove to be a significant market for hybrid cars, as the authorities there have identified the technology as an area in which they could obtain a significant global market advantage, given that established vehicle-producing countries already have expertise in other powertrain technologies.

Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) is showing a hybrid version of the Rover 75-based Roewe 750, a car first shown in Beijing earlier this year. The car is expected to go into production before the end of the decade and its hybrid technology has been developed in China. It uses a four-cylinder petrol engine allied to an electric motor – similar to Toyota‘s Prius – and can run on electric power alone around town.

Chery is showing a diesel hybrid version of its compact car. The A3 ISG is a dual-clutch parallel diesel hybrid vehicle that is equipped with an independently developed 1.3-litre diesel engine and 30KW permanent magnet synchronous motor, and optional CVT automatic transmission.

Chery claims the concept is capable of three litres per 100km fuel consumption and exceeds Euro V compliance. According to the company, the vehicle also features ‘auto idle stop’ mode.

“When the vehicle is started, the ISG motor will provide the drive power; then the engine will be started rapidly by the Bsg motor and the vehicle will enter into parallel type combined torque drive mode; when the vehicle is decelerated or braked, the ISG motor will recover the energy as the alternator,” a press release said.