September 2021 sales of 16,518 new vehicles in New Zealand showed a strong rebound with the long locked down country moving down Covid alert levels, though with Auckland still at alert level 3.

It was the second strongest month of any since the local Motor Industry Association (MIA) began keeping records.

September’s sales compared to 10,902 vehicles in September 2020, an increase of 51.5%.

Year to date sales of 123,016 vehicles compared to 87,474 to end of September 2020, an overall increase year to date of 40.6%.

“New vehicle distributors have worked hard under trying circumstances to supply orders. The result is remarkable given Auckland was at alert level 3 for the month,” the MIA said.

It was an exceptionally strong month for vehicles with some form of electrification in their drive train, taking 21% of total sales (3,505 units). The 3,505 units were made up of 1,512 light and heavy BEVs, 537 PHEVs and 1,456 hybrid vehicles registered in September. This was the first time fully electric vehicles outsold (non plugin) hybrids.

Compact and medium SUVs remained strong market segments with 22% and 19% share respectively.

The Ford Ranger was once again the top selling model, followed by the Tesla Model 3 and the Mitsubishi Outlander. It was the first time a BEV has made it to the top three model registrations in any one month.

Year to date, 56% of the market are small to medium sized vehicles.

Toyota remained overall market leader with an 18% share (2,934 units), followed by Mitsubishi with 13% (2,176) and Ford with 11% (1,870). Tesla was fourth with 6% (1066).

Top selling BEVs were the Tesla Model 3 (1066 units), MG ZS (122) and the Hyundai Kona (84).

Top selling PHEVs were the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (282 units) followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander (115) and the MG HS (47).

Hybrids continued their consistent strength with 1,456 vehicles registered in September. The top selling models were the Toyota RAV4 (466 units) followed by the Toyota Corolla (247) and Toyota Yaris Cross (117).

Toyota retained the market lead for passenger and SUV registrations with 17% market share (1,993 units) followed by Mitsubishi with 16% (1,920) and Tesla with 9% (1,066).

Ford retained commercial vehicle lead with a 32% share (1,503 units) followed by Toyota with 20% (941) and Mitsubishi with 6% (256).

The Ford Ranger remained bestselling commercial model with a 30% share (1,408 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux with 14% (648) and the Toyota Hiace with 5% (232).