Visteon Corporation’s InnovationWorks product development team is showing several claimed “exclusive new technologies” on a customised roadster at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas this week.

The supplier said that the integrated advanced in-cab entertainment and electronics systems in the show car can be used in daily driving or for recreational outings.

Among the gadgets is an electronic control system featuring an automotive-grade data centre, side- and rear-view camera interface, and head-up information display.

Still at the concept stage, the head-up display demonstrates a method to view a variety of driver information technologies such as GPS, music artist information, incoming cellular (mobile phone) text messages.

It can also replace traditional rear and side-view mirrors and through the use of cameras, the system takes the images typically viewed through the mirrors and projects them onto the head-up display screen located at the top-centre of the vehicle’s windscreen. A mechanism installed in the vehicle’s headliner is used to project the images.

More familiar, and already widely available, a Bluetooth hands-free phone kit allows the driver to keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The demonstration vehicle also includes two examples of Visteon’s so-called ‘dockable family entertainment systems’, which combine in-vehicle DVD entertainment and future gaming capabilities with the additional convenience of portable use anywhere. One dockable DVD system is integrated into the show car’s headliner for rear-seat viewing; the second is installed in the tailgate for exterior viewing when raised. Custom speaker enclosures using Boston Acoustics’ aftermarket audio components rotate out of recessed positions for optimal sound performance outside the vehicle – through the tailgate.

Visteon aftermarket operations chief Greg Gyllstrom said: “These innovative products are quickly gaining popularity at the automotive manufacturer and aftermarket levels. In fact, the [dockable family entertainment system] is now a recommended entertainment platform marketed by thousands of vehicle dealerships around the world.”

Other Visteon technology on the show car includes air induction system with variable noise control capability, which enables the vehicle to dynamically tune engine sound without impacting performance by accentuating or eliminating specific noise frequencies. The car also has a premium racing radiator from the supplier’s range.

Light emitting diode and electroluminiscent lighting are installed and other functional exterior enhancements include, low-profile Toyo performance tyres, RO_JA wheels, stylized DNX exhaust tips from Tenneco, LED bulbs from Osram and fabrication work by Prefix Corporation.

Following SEMA, the vehicle will be shown at a variety of automotive industry events across North America before being put on permanent display at Visteon’s corporate headquarters in Van Buren Township, Michigan.