SDK has started full-scale marketing of ST60-HSM aluminium alloy board, which has high heat conductivity and strength, for use as on-board bus bar.

In 2021, SDK started to provide several automotive parts manufacturers with samples of ST60-HSM aluminium-alloy boards to be used as on-board bus bars.

The supplier says ST60-HSM is an aluminium alloy board which has high heat conductivity equivalent to that of pure aluminium and high strength equivalent to that of 6061 aluminium alloy and is used as chassis of backlit LCDs for PCs.

The automotive industry promotes unit weight reduction in order to improve fuel efficiency and increase travelable distance. The industry is shifting from copper to aluminium-alloy-based equipment for various components, including wiring harnesses and bus bars.

SDK says the aluminium bus bar made of ST60-HSM is 43% lighter than a conventional copper bus bar.