Sanden Automotive Components has started the supply of compressors for air conditioning applying CO2 refrigerant to Daimler.

Environmental regulations for prevention of ozone layer depletion or global warming are evolving rapidly around the world.

In accordance with these environmental policies, the European directive on mobile air conditioning systems (MACs), introduced a ban for the use of refrigerant gas with a global warming potential (GWP) higher than 150 applicable for all new cars sold in the European Union since 1 January this year.

“Daimler chose Sanden for the development of the R744 compressor because of their extensive experience with this refrigerant and pioneering spirit towards new technologies,” said Daimler project leader R744, Ralf Theurer.

“It has been quite a challenging project also for Daimler to get the R744 AC system launched in such short period. Therefore the strategic partnership with Sanden has been very important and we are pleased about this successful launch.”

For his part, Sanden president, Tsuguo Ito added: “This project truly represents the policy of Sanden Management; Create corporate value based on ‘environment’ utilising our global strength and quality capabilities. We are contributing to the health of our planet by bringing to the market a robust product, which has been designed by a global team.

“My target is to expand this technology and use the knowledge gained throughout the development to grow in a sustainable manner in the world market.”