Toyota expects its sales in Russia in 2009 will fall below this year’s level due to the ongoing impact of the global financial crisis.

”(Sales here) will probably fall somewhat next year,” Tadashi Arashima, a senior managing director in charge of Toyota’s European business, told reporters in Moscow.

However, he also said sales for this year had been robust up till October and that total sales would reach around 200,000 units for the year, up some 30% on last year.

Arashima said that Toyota intends to maintain its output in Russia at about 20,000 units per year.

Toyota had initially been considering expanding production by adding sport-utility vehicles and a car smaller than the Camry to its lineup, depending on market trends.

Toyota sold 145,387 vehicles in Russia in January-September, up 31.59% on the year.

In 2007, Toyota sold 157,000 cars in Russia.