Sales of new passenger cars and LCVs in Russia increased by 0.6% in November, with nine of the top ten bestselling models so far, produced locally.

Sold units rose by 727 and amounted to 132,346 cars, according to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee (AEB AMC), with this year in January—November, 1, 279,987 cars sold.

“November sales produce the first month with a positive year-on-year result in almost two years [last time seen in December 2014],” said AEB AMC chairman, Joerg Schreiber.

“It is good to be able to say such a thing after all, but it is far too early to read a trend turnaround into this.

“For now, all eyes are on December which has the potential to demonstrate the market continues to move in the right direction.” 

LMC Automotive says there are signs of market stabilisation in Russia, with the selling rate increasing to 1.6m units a year, comparing favourably with an average of just 1.4m units a year in the first ten months of 2016.