Russia sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles decreased by 2.8% in the first quarter of this year and fell by 5.7% in March, according to the AEB Automobile Manufacturers Committee (AEB AMC).

First quarter sales dropped by 11,196 sold units and amounted to 387,322 cars.

Among them:

  • LCVs – 21,263
  • SUVs – 183,266
  • Pick-ups – 1,784
  • Battery Electric vehicles – 204

Sales of new cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia decreased by 5.7% compared to March, 2020, or by 9,062 sold units and amounted to 148,676 cars.

“In March 2021, 148,676 cars were sold, which is 5.7% less than in March, 2020,” said AEB AMC chairman, Thomas Staertzel.

“However, it is worth mentioning that March, 2020 was the best month last year before the lockdown in April. In Q1 this year, 387,322 cars were sold, that is 2.8% less than last year.

“It is obvious the next couple of months will remedy the situation and the market will demonstrate growth, because we will compare results of the nearest months with the worst ever months in the automobile industry linked with business limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In general, the market situation is of no surprise. Purchase interest slightly decreases while prices increase; in some cases there is still a deficit in offer of certain models. Uncertainty with the disposal fee increase does not help the market either. The mass segment is slowing down most of all.

“The AEB [now] provides additional information on sales of SUVs, LCVs, pick-ups and BEVs. The data shows SUVs build close to a half of the market as the most favourite car type of Russian customers.”