A Magna-led consortium of bidders will make a new offer for Opel on Monday which includes a demand for rights to Opel’s intellectual property, a Russian newspaper reported.

Citing a single source, Kommersant daily said the consortium, which includes Russian state bank Sberbank , would make the new offer “in the form of an ultimatium” and leave the talks if it was not accepted, according to Reuters.

Magna would want to sell Opel cars under its own brand and make any changes it wished to Opel designs, as well as use Opel technology for new models, Kommersant said, adding the Russian government supported the proposal.

Analysts have said a Russian role in an Opel buy would make sense only if it brings access to new technology which would help Russia revive its domestic automakers, largely stagnant since the Soviet period ended.

Sberbank, a presumed financier of the deal, is expected to be a short-term holder of Opel equity if the bid is successful and would likely pass it on to a Russian automaker, the news agency noted.