GM-Daewoo (or GM-DAT), GM’s South Korean subsidiary, has reportedly filed a lawsuit with a court in Seoul to prevent Russia’s Taganrog Automobile Plant’s (TagAZ) from allegedly copying one of its cars.

Russian business daily Vedomosti reported that GM-Daewoo is asking the court to ban TagAZ from developing, manufacturing, and exporting products created based on its technologies.

A TagAZ spokesperson told the daily that the suit dealt with its new model, TagAZ Vega, whose production started three months ago. GM DAT filed the suit on the basis of documents compiled by South Korean prosecutors, the spokesperson said.

Earlier this month, two former GM-DAT executives were arrested for allegedly leaking core technology to TagAZ. Investigators said one man was suspected of stealing over 6,000 computer files containing information linked to GM-DAT’s Chevrolet Lacetti sedan.