Prime-TASS reports that Ford plans to sell 23,700 cars in 2005 through its official dealerships in Russia, up from the 7,500 cars expected to be sold this year, Henrik Hensen, the head of Ford in Russia and the CIS, told reporters Wednesday.

Ford boosted Russian sales 52.5% on the year to 4,280 cars in January-September, including the Ford Focus model with 1,826 cars sold and the Ford Mondeo with 1,221 cars sold.

Prime-TASS says that Ford’s dealership network consists of 52 companies and its number is expected to increase to 70 by the end of the year.

Ford sold 4,124 cars in Russia through its official dealerships in 2001 up from 1,375 cars in 2000.

The company said earlier that Ford’s Russian sales are projected at 9,300 domestically produced vehicles and 13,400 units overall in 2003.