Romania's defence ministry (MApN) has recently signed a contract to buy 942 Iveco military trucks worth EUR216m, VAT excluded, local media reported.

Defence minister Nicolae Ciuca told this was the first phase of a larger EUR750m agreement which includes the delivery of 2,900 military trucks and platforms.

They will be delivered over the next four years, reported.

Starting with the 301th truck, "they will be produced in Romania", Ciuca said.

He added the contract was subject to an 80% offset provision. Iveco in turn will buy from Romanian companies goods or services amounting to 80% of the size of the contract.

Ciuca admitted the trucks would be "integrated", or only assembled, in Romania at a location yet to be decided by Iveco and Romanian authorities.

According to a statement in January from Iveco Defence Vehicles, the contract includes four types of military vehicles from the High Mobility range – 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 8×8 prime mover which in turn will be supplied in 16 different versions.

A third will have armoured cabins.