Owners of old cars in Romania willing to replace them with a non-electric vehicle will be entitled to up to RON12,000 (EUR2,400) if they scrap two cars older than 15 years each, local media reported.

For the first one, romania-insider.com said, they would get RON6,000 and they could also scrap a second car (for a single replacement new car) for RON 3,000.

There would also be a RON1,500 bonus per car if they were older than 15 years and met pollution standards no higher than Euro 3, Economica.net reported.

To be accepted in the scheme, a vehicle must be at least six years old from the date of manufacture or first registration in Romania.

Under the Car Wreck Plus scheme for the purchase of electric cars, when scrapping a vehicle, those enrolled in the programme would be entitled to receive an eco-ticket of RON45,000 and an extra RON1,500 bonus for cars older than 15 years. The amount therefore totals RON46,500 (just over EUR900), the reports said.

If two vehicles are scrapped (for the purchase of new electric or hybrid cars), the program includes another RON3,000 scrapping premium and eco-bonuses of RON1,500 each if applicable.

This year’s budget for the schemes is RON1.24 bn (EUR250m), making it the largest budget allocated for such schemes so far, the Romanian reports added.