Delphi Automotive’s diesel injection parts plant in Miroslava, which began production in 2009, is now fully operational, the supplier said, giving it a production base in central Europe near global customers such as Ford and Renault (Dacia) plants.

Miroslava, a dedicated diesel site, produces diesel fuel injection components, mainly pumps and injectors, for common rail systems. Its latest product is the combined valve adaptor [CVA] that includes the injector control valve.

Delphi has spent EUR155m at the site to date and hired over 2,000 employees from Iasi and Miroslava. The 36,500 sq m facility followed a brownfield investment in Tehnoton in 2008. In 2009, Delphi began expanding production in Miroslava which became operational in September that year.

Delphi celebrated the completion of the plant with a ceremony on 6 November  attended by Romanian prime minister Emil Boc.

Worldwide, Delphi now operates sites dedicated to diesel engine management systems in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, India, Singapore and Korea.

“We view Romania as a very attractive business environment for manufacturing high-tech components for the automotive industry and appreciate the support we have received from the Romanian authorities,” Delphi said in a staement.

“Current activities are related to [OEM supply deals] which establish the plant as a core manufacturing base for the coming years.”

Delphi has operated in Romania since 1997 and now has 12,000 employees at four plants. The plants in Sannicolau Mare, Ineu and Moldova Noua produce electrical/electronic distribution systems.