Romania's 'Cash for Bangers' programme, known locally as Rabla Clasic, as well as the Rabla Plus version for electric and hybrid cars, will start on 18 May for both individuals and companies, the environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu said.

The two programmes, which aim to stimulate the renewal of the national car fleet, can be accumulated, according to a report. This means that a person can benefit both from the voucher for the purchase of a 100% electric or hybrid car as well as from the bonus granted though the Rabla Clasic programme if an owner cancels the registration of a car older than eight years.

The Environmental Fund Administration (AFM) grants a subsidy of around EUR10,000 for those who acquire an electric car included in the Rabla Plus programme. Those who acquire a hybrid car will get an extra subsidy of about EUR1,000. On top, people can also receive around EUR1,400 to buy an electric or hybrid car if they cancel the registration of a car older than eight years.