Ricardo is collaborating with the US Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST ), Intel , Intel Mobileye, Lyft , SAE International and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, in a workshop to evaluate current perspectives on Automated Driving Systems (ADS).

The Consensus Safety Measurement Methodologies for ADS-Equipped Vehicles, will take place at the NIST headquarters campus, Gaithersburg, Maryland on 25-26 June.

Presentations and breakouts at the workshop will discuss current perspectives on safety for Automated Driving Systems (ADS). The automotive industry is planning to deploy ADS at SAE Level 3 (conditional automation) or higher in the very near term with most major manufacturers targeting the early 2020s.

Community consensus around reliable, broadly-acceptable performance measurement methods for assessing ADS safety will help to achieve this objective.

Nick Royal, from Ricardo Innovations , will participate in the panel session Developers’ Perspectives: Manufacturers and Technology Companies together with representatives from Ford, GM, Intel Mobileye, Lyft, and Uber .

The discussion will focus on the need for collaboration in addressing the challenges of ADS safety, as demonstrated by the digital resilience partnership between Roke Manor and Ricardo.

The tie-up offers an approach to cybersecurity across transport systems and critical national infrastructure.