Renesas Electronics has unveiled 32-bit RH850/E1M-S2 microcontrollers (MCU) for automotive powertrain control applications, such as engine or transmission control.

The RH850/E1M-S2 MCUs include four product versions, featuring the most high-end R7F701216EABA (BGA304, 320MHz).

“To meet CO2 targets, engine control systems must optimise ignition and fuel injection timing to match a variety of conditions, such as current combustion and driving status,” notes a Renesas statement.

“Transmission control systems, for their part, must instantly select the optimal gear ratio to match the driving conditions, which change moment by moment, in order to minimise power loss in the transmission.

“The new RH850/E1M-S2 MCUs bring more precise control to powertrain control systems by boosting processing performance to accommodate the increasing number of calculations required.

“At the same time, the RH850/E1M-S2 MCUs boost network performance to match the larger volume of control data resulting from the use of more sensors and provides stronger security functionality to prevent unauthorised access to control systems.”