Renesas Electronics has established the Automotive Electronic Joint Laboratory with SAIC Volkswagen Automobile (SVW).

The SAIC-Volkswagen-Renesas Joint Laboratory will accelerate research and development efforts to support emerging automotive electronics applications, starting with cockpit and vehicle control, for the Chinese market.

The joint laboratory will combine Renesas’ microcontrollers, system-on-chips and software with SAIC Volkwagen’s development capabilities, supporting SAIC Volkswagen to develop next-generation electronic platforms with software module development and system integration capabilities to meet the demands of the Chinese automotive electronics industry.

“We are excited to partner with SAIC Volkswagen and combine our respective expertise areas to strengthen business with the Chinese market and further automotive design innovation,” said Renesas Electronics SVP and chairman of Renesas Electronics China, Tomomitsu Maoka.

“Through this joint laboratory, we will explore emerging and leading technologies that can drive new innovations for the automotive industry in China.”

The two companies unveiled the joint laboratory in Anting, Shanghai.