Renault Trucks UK has chosen EO Charging to support retail and small business operators of its vehicles.

In a new campaign, qualifying buyers of the first 50 Master ZE (EV) vans ordered this year 2020 will receive a free 22kW smart charger.

The Genius is a smart enabled chargepoint that is modular, scalable and claimed future proof. Connected to the EO Hub, it offers fleets and commercial vehicle drivers features such as Site Load Management and access to an online cloud management platform. The charger already is used by UK commercial fleets including Sainsbury's Online, Ocado and Gnewt Cargo (pioneers of fully electric finalmile delivery).

The Master ZE is available in a wide range including vans, minibuses, MEWP cherry-pickers, construction welfare vehicles, refrigerated and customised types all in full electric form.

Grahame Neagus, the automaker's head of LCV UK & Ireland, said: "We enjoy working with EO Charging – they offer a proactive and customer-led approach which complements our own. As operators begin the transition to electric vehicles in 2020, it is good to offer charging solutions which can grow with them as EVs become the core of their fleets in the years to come."

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