Renault says it is seeking a buyer for its Fonderie de Bretagne (FDB) manufacturing facility in Caudan, after an eight-month study.

The plant has been in South Brittany since 1965 and produces rough-cast and machined parts for the automotive industry, including safety components, engine and gearbox parts.  

Renault management outlined its plans at an extraordinary Social and Economic Committee meeting after the study concluded the site must diversify its activities and continue to reduce production costs.

Following the announcement of the savings plan in May 2020, Renault commissioned an independent firm of experts to complete the analysis and identify new opportunities. The trade unions also commissioned an expert report from an independent firm.

During the eight months study, both internal and external aspects of the Brittany foundry, such as the economic context, the automotive casting sector and the conditions of competitiveness, were shared during the seven meetings of the review.

“With the evolution of the automobile industry towards lighter vehicles, the concentration of players in the foundry sector and the deployment of the group’s economic plan, diversification is the most appropriate solution for continuing the transformation of the Caudan site and developing a sustainable business,” said a Renault statement.

“Groupe Renault is committed to continuing the dialogue with the social partners and local players to carry out a rigorous process of identifying a buyer who is best able to ensure the sustainability of the activities and jobs at the Caudan site.”