Renault has said it is filing a civil claim for damages against former CEO Carlos Ghosn over alleged financial misconduct.

"Renault has filed a legal action to assert its rights" Renault said in a statement. The company said it would cooperate fully with judicial authorities.

Carlos Ghosn – who jumped bail in Japan at the end of last year and is now in Beirut – is seeking a  retirement payout from Renault, which Renault refuses to pay.

He also faces a French inquiry into lavish parties he organised allegedly financed in part by Renault funds. He is also under investigation by France's tax fraud office over financial transactions between Renault and its distributor in the Gulf state of Oman, and over contracts signed by Renault and Nissan's Dutch subsidiary RNBV.

In Japan, he faces financial misconduct charges including a claim he under-reported millions of dollars in salary while he was chairman of Nissan.

The decision by Renault to pursue compensation from Carlos Ghosn is a blow to the industry executive who masterminded the alliance between Renault and Nissan. Previously, Renault seemed less committed than Nissan in pursuing compensation from Ghosn, who has denied all charges.