Renault's subsidiaries in Romania, Renault Technologies Roumanie (design and engineering), Automobile Dacia (car production) and Renault Commercial Roumanie (car trade), achieved in 2018 a cumultative turnover of RON30bn (EUR6.4bn), up 10% over 2017.

The total number of employees continued to rise in 2018, by 4% compared to 2017, to almost 17,000, reported, citing Ziarul Financiar. The highest rise was seen at the engineering centre which increased its workforce by 11% to 2,100 engineers.

The three divisions posted a net profit of almost RON868m (EUR187m). The sales division, Renault Commercial Roumanie, reported the biggest increase in profit, 55% year-on-year, to RON75m (EUR16.1m).  

Automobile Dacia, the largest company in Romania, achieved a turnover of EUR5.3bn in 2018, up 5% year-on-year, and a record. Profit rose 40% to EUR162m, also a record.