Renault says its board of directors along with those of Alliance partners, Nissan and Mitsubishi, have “individually and collectively” reiterated their commitment to the grouping.

The French automaker has appointed Thierry Bolloré as interim CEO as it tries to says to make sense of what is happening to Carlos Ghosn, who remains in custody in Japan.

Bolloré, will be in charge of the continuity of the Executive Committee of the Group, following Ghosn’s arrest in Tokyo on 19 November by Japanese authorities.

Renault partner, Nissan has been investigating Ghosn and representative director, Greg Kelly regarding what the Japanese manufacturer says is “misconduct,” although no statement has yet been released by the pair as to their views.

“We will make sure we guarantee our stability and stay focused on our missions, preserve the interest of the Renault Group and the stability of our Alliance,” said Bolloré in a message broadcast to the manufacturer’s 180,000 employees across the globe.

“Our priorities are clear. We continue to work in collaboration with our partners including our suppliers to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To our 180,000 staff around the world, as well as to all our customers and partners, I would like to say you can count on my full commitment.

“The Renault board has put in place a temporary management of which I was appointed delegate director general – a responsibility which I take very seriously.”

The degree to which the situation has powered rapidly up the political ladder – the French State still owns 15% of Renault – can be gauged by a meeting between the Finance Ministers of France and Japan yesterday to discuss Ghosn’s incarceration in Tokyo and what happens next to the Alliance.

Bruno Le Maire and Hiroshige Seko met in Paris to discuss the matter against a backdrop of Ghosn’s sacking from Nissan but with Renault insisting on a “presumption of innocence.”

“The Alliance has achieved unparalleled success in the past two decades,” noted a statement from the three manufacturers.

“We remain fully committed to the Alliance.”