Renault has officially opened a new headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, 20 years after taking over Dacia (which built its cars under licence in the Communist era).

Until now, various parts of the group's technical centre (design, engineering, sales and other functions) were at five different sites.

The new name, Renault Bucharest Connected was chosen by employees to highlight interaction enabled by bringing all staff together at a single site and the introduction of new digital systems.

The new design centre is considerably more spacious and benefits from greater resources (such as milling machines and paint booths). Thirty employees (designers, model makers, digital modellers) of various nationalities (Romanian, French, Ukrainian, Moldovan) will continue to draft and design vehicles for global sale.

To mark the centre opening, design staff showed a Duster-based concept "styled for adventure".

The Duster has been a Romanian built success worldwide with 2.8m units sold under the Renault and Dacia badges since the first generation was launched in 2010.

Bringing the design and engineering teams together at one site will allow smoother and more effective communication on the projects under development, the automaker said.