Groupe Renault and Abertis-owned motorway operator, Sanef, will cooperate to develop communications between autonomous vehicles, road infrastructure and testing on toll barrier crossings as well as work zones.

“Maximising safety for drivers, passengers and others with autonomous cars requires several stakeholders in both government and the private sector working together, each bringing expertise,” said Innovation Programme manager, Mathieu Lips.

“Our goal is to work with Sanef to develop advances in safety and the right solutions to bring as soon as possible to customers comfortable travel in autonomous drive without interruption.”

The companies are working together by integrating infrastructures, using connectivity from car to car and infrastructure (V2X) developed in the framework of the European SCOOP project.

The research taking place in France with Renault Autonomous prototypes, represents a first step with the aim to extend cooperation to other countries. 

“We are convinced autonomous vehicles need premium infrastructures to be developed,” said Sanef CTO Edouard Fischer.

“That’s the reason why Renault and Sanef are working together on this worldwide innovation. Our goals in terms of road safety and road tech are converging.”

An operation as simple as crossing a toll barrier or a road works zone, represents a major challenge for autonomous cars to provide continuous travel in eyes-off/hands-off mode.