RECARO Automotive has appointed Nicole McElroy as Global VP of Product Development and Brand.

McElroy will be responsible for managing all product development and brand activities through engagement of global sales, marketing, programme management and product engineering teams, by developing and executing new products, business and brand strategies.

The objective is to establish a common brand and product vision, as well as ensure global teams are aligned to meet the needs of the organisation and satisfy various distribution and customer requirements; OEM, Aftermarket and Commercial Vehicle.

“Nicole’s expanded role leverages her depth of experience and expertise in the industry to streamline global product and engineering activities,” said Recaro president and COO, Emil Kreycik.

“We know we are poised for the future with Nicole leading the teams to bring Recaro’s products to market.”

McElroy will maintain direct reporting relationships for the North American Sales Team, Global Product Management and Global Digital Marketing.

As well as the regions, Sales and Marketing, Programme Management and Product Engineering will now have reporting relationships to McElroy.