Fujitsu and Toyota Systems announced the launch of a new vehicle production instruction system at Toyota Motor‘s Tsutsumi assembly plant which uses Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired digital annealer technology.

The digital annealer is claimed to offers users access to powerful combined optimisation problem solving capability for challenges difficult for conventional hardware.

The two companies previously used the technology in 2020 in a project to optimise supply chain and logistics network operations essential to support automobile production.

This latest project is the first time in Japan the digital annealer technology has been applied to streamline vehicle production.

The new system enables efficient and high-speed solution searching by utilizing constraint processing technology to express complex business constraints in equations and inequalities, a proprietary technology available since the third generation of the Digital Annealer—the processing technology was developed by Fujitsu Research based on its long-time expertise in the manufacturing industry.

The companies claim the new vehicle production instruction system will enable Toyota to respond quickly to production fluctuations and also reduce worker workload.

They plan to expand the system to other Toyota plants in Japan and overseas.

Fujitsu is commercially launching its “Computing as a Service (CaaS) product in Japan which delivers advanced computing technology such as the digital annealer and software to regular commercial users, lowering the barrier to access high performance computing resources and technology including AI. Fujitsu plans to extend the service outside Japan from fiscal 2023.