PSA has launched a joint venture mobility service in Madrid with EYSA to form emov, featuring a fleet of 500 Citroën C-Zero 4-seater electric vehicles.

The emov offering is in line with the sustainable mobility policy implemented by the city of Madrid, the first in Spain to provide the service. The offering, comprising 5-door electric vehicles, was launched today (19 December) in the presence of the city’s Mayor, Manuela Carmena.

The emov service offered by the Spanish company based in Madrid is the result of an alliance between EYSA and Free2Move, the new mobility services brand from PSA Group.

Emov has 500 Citroën C-Zero vehicles for the initial roll-out phase. The ‘free floating’ service allows users to have a vehicle, then drop it off at their convenience in Madrid. Users pay EUR0.19 (US$0.20) per minute or EUR59 per day. 

Through to 31 January, 2017, new users who enter the code viveemov001 on the website can sign up for free and have the first 30min at no charge. Signing up is carried out online on the website or via mobile iOS or Android apps.

The service can be used 24 hours after signing up. The smartphone app allows users to reserve a vehicle free of charge 30min before use. It is also used to lock and unlock the rented vehicle.

The Citroën C-Zero can be used beyond Madrid’s city centre, serving part of the outskirts of the city and the service is based on technology provided by Vulog, a car-sharing solutions provider.

Driving a 100% electric vehicle offers advantages in Madrid, with the service enabling free parking in spaces usually payable within the area covered. Emov users can also make journeys without being affected by traffic restrictions in the event of pollution peaks.

Users can also access areas reserved for residents and zones with temporary traffic restrictions.

“Madrid aims to become the European capital in shared electric mobility and this project is the latest initiative to have chosen Madrid as the location for its global launch,” said city Mayor, Manuela Carmena.

For his part, Emov CEO, Fernando Izquierdo, added: “Emov has arrived in Madrid with the intention of becoming one of the defining elements of this city. We are convinced our fleet, which initially has 500 100%-electric vehicles, will be very well received by residents.

“In just a few days, more than 3,000 people have already signed up to the service, which allows us to feel very confident of emov’s success.”