PSA Peugeot Citroen says it has a ten-year plan to return to North America, but will initially test the market with mobility operations such as car sharing to gauge a feeling for customer preferences.

The French automaker made the remarks at the unveiling of its ‘Push to Pass’ plan in Paris this morning (5 April), which will see a plethora of new launches including a 1t pick-up truck and 26 passenger cars, as well as a raft of other initiatives.

“PSA has to return to North America – not under any condition – a sensible return and long-term business plan,” said PSA chairman, Carlos Tavares in Paris. “We have set up a ten-year plan. We are going to be working as mobility operators, car share operators and try to understand customers’ expectations and habits.

“If we end up being an efficient mobility operator, these mobility operators will be given our own brands. If we are successful and people appreciate our brands, we will go to to the sales of our own cars on the American market with possible regional sourcing.

“We can not ignore the fact our competitors have been there for 50 years. We are pulled in all directions here because we understand PSA can not become a global company if it does not go back to the North American market.”

PSA’s ‘Push to Pass’ initiative follows from its ‘Back in the Race’ plan, which has seen a remarkable turnaround in the French automaker’s fortunes, which saw it post a full-year net for 2015 of EUR1.2bn (US$1.4bn).

The manufacturer will launch a significant number of new products across its three Group brands, Peugeot, Citroen and DS, including 26 passenger cars and eight light commercial vehicles, which will feature a 1t pick-up truck.

The company adds it will also launch seven plug-in hybrids and four electric vehicles, as well as deploy a connected and autonomous vehicle programme.