PSA sold 2,973,000 vehicles in 2015, up 1.2%. In Europe, group sales rose 5.9% over the year, to 1,864,000 units, with the pace of growth picking up in the fourth quarter.

Peugeot sales increased by 9.4% to 1,056,000 units, thanks in particular to the excellent performance of the 308 (up 31%), supported by the solid results of the 2008 (up 11% in its third consecutive year of growth) and the 208 (up 10%). The 2008 and 308 were both in the top three of their respective segments in Europe. The most significant gains were made in the Netherlands (up 25% or 10,500 units), Spain (up 24% or 19,900 units), Italy (up 21% or 17,500 units) and France (up 7% or 23,900 units).

Citroën reported its highest volume of sales since 2012, with a faster 6% gain in the second half supporting full-year growth of 3% to 731,000 units. Registrations rose by 5% over the year as a whole (including a 7% increase in the second half). Sales volumes increased in major markets such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Germany, thanks to the success of both passenger cars — the C4 Cactus (82,000 units), the new C1 (60,000 units) and the C4 Picasso (113,000 units) — and commercial vehicles, such as the segment-leading new Berlingo.

With volumes up 20.7% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, DS sold 76,500 units over the full year. Its momentum was led by new product launches, including the new DS 5 in June and the new DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback in the second half of the year, limited editions of the DS 3 and the expansion of the DS network, which now includes 17 DS Stores and 78 DS Salons in Europe.

In China and Southeast Asia, PSA Peugeot Citroën sales were flat (down 0.9%) at 736,000 units.

In a Chinese market where global brands experienced moderate growth over the year, the group saw its sales jump 8.9% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, and maintained its focus on margins.   

In China, Peugeot sales rose 6% to 408,000 units, placing Dongfeng Peugeot amongst the international brands with the strongest growth rate. This performance was underpinned by the success of the new 408, sales of which increased by 68% in 2015 to more than 107,000 units. Another contributing factor was the implementation of innovative online platforms in cooperation with major Chinese e-commerce sites. Also worthy of note was the continued success of the 3008 and the 2008 in the SUV line-up, with over 110,000 vehicles sold during the year.

Citroen sold more than 300,000 vehicles in 2015, reflecting the fact that sales picked up by more than 10% in the fourth quarter. This trend was led by the success of the SUV C3-XR, launched at the beginning of the year and already ahead of target with 67,000 units sold, while the Citroën C-Elysée consolidated its status as Dongfeng Citroën’s best-seller, with 90,000 units sold.  The new C4 saloon introduced in October got off to an excellent start, with 8,000 units already sold. These performances drew on the excellence of the Donfeng Citroën dealer network, which was ranked first in the 2015 JD Power Customer Satisfaction Index for the quality of its customer service.

China currently represents 21% of the DS brand’s worldwide sales, or 21,500 units. Attesting to the market’s enthusiasm for French luxury, the brand reported a 46% increase in deliveries to Chinese customers.

The Middle East & Africa region represents the Group’s third largest market, with unit sales up 6.4% to 180,200.

PSA Peugeot Citroën maintained its strong positions in a number of historical markets, ranking first in Tunisia and second in Algeria and Morocco.

Peugeot, which sold 117,000 units, advanced by 2.3% over the year. The brand strengthened its positions in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, the French overseas departments and Israel. Sales increased significantly in Turkey (up 40%), Israel (up 67%) and Mashreq (up 26%), thanks in particular to the results of the 208, 301 and 308.

Citroën’s sales rose 16.1% over the year to 61,500 units. The brand stepped up its positions in Algeria, Tunisia and Israel and saw a sharp increase in sales in Turkey (up 43%), Israel (up 79%) and Tunisia (up 29%), largely due to the success of the C-Elysée, Citroën’s best-selling model in these countries.

DS pursued its expansion, most notably by announcing its entry into the Iranian market as well as the opening of DS Stores in Ankara and in Tunis — a first for the brand in Africa.

In Latin America and Eurasia, group sales continued to be impacted by a highly challenging economic environment. In these regions, the group remained focused on its margins and the local integration of its manufacturing operations.

Peugeot carried out several major launches in Latin America, introducing the 2008 in Brazil over the course of the year and the new 308 and 408 models in Argentina and Brazil in the last four months of 2015.

Peugeot sales surged 34% in Mexico, and increased 4% in Chile, in a market down 14%.

For its part, Citroën sold 56,600 units during the year and, in November, introduced the new C3 Aircross, a small crossover ideally suited to local market needs and manufactured at the Porto Real plant in Brazil.

In India-Pacific, the Group sold 23,800 units in 2015 thanks to strong contributions from the 2008 and 308 models and the C4 Picasso. The 6.5% improvement was mainly driven by South Korea and Japan.