PSA Group plans to provide all employees with access to charging infrastructure at all of its European sites.

Nearly 500 charging stations will be implemented at 49 sites in 12 countries.

The implementation and management of the terminals will be provided by the group's two partners Izivia and Total EV.

"While Groupe PSA is committed to the fight against global warming and forecasts to meet the 2020 CO2 targets set by the European Union, it simplifies the lives of its employees who have already opted for clean mobility by enabling the charging of electric vehicles at all its sites. This operation demonstrates the consistency of group actions with regard to its customers and employees," said Xavier Chéreau, director of human resources and transformation.

The implementation of electric charging points started in 2019 and will continue until the end of 2021. 365 stations are already installed and operational.

On each European site, the group enables employees to have easy access to EV charging points.

The seven kilowatt wall terminals allow recharging at a price comparable to those on public networks.

This initiative supports the group's electrified offensive launched in 2019. It has already launched 15 electrified models in Europe.